Zebra Tribe History

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Mon 30 Aug 1999 - 11:35:22 EEST

Bob Stancliff:

>(KoS 192) In the second age some Pentan tribes refused to herd cattle, and
>called themselves the Pure Horse Tribes. In 740 the EWF hired the Golden
>Horse Tribe to help conquer Prax.

The Pure Horse Tribe was already in Prax since 620, the Battle of
Necklace Horse. 740 marks the Battle of the Third Wing and the
final expulsion of the Praxians. Note the presence of the Battle
Banner of the EWF. It accompanies the Second Dragon who only took
the field "when other armies had been defeated three times" KoS
p189. So the Praxians have won three significant battles between
Necklace Horse and the Battle of the Third Wing.

>The EWF provided magical assistence and
>finally most of the Praxians were driven across the river. This is when
>Pavis took and built his city.

No, it is not. The Pure Horse Tribe lived in Prax quite comfortably
for a while and changed sides in 780 to form an alliance with the
God Learners to plunder the Cradles. This causes Waha to appear and
with the aid of the Giants, Waha thrashes the God Learners and ousts
the Pure Horse Tribe circa 800. Waha then kicks major ass in Prax,
including the sacking of Adari in 809. Pavis fled this sacking to
Dragon Pass and returned to found Pavis in 830 ST.

>In 1250
>the Battle of Alavan Argay crushed the Pure Horse Tribe. The captives
>were placed under the Black Net to decide their fate, and in the morning,
>half of them were gone, and only the aged remained. This was the end of
>the horse nomads in Prax.

This refers to the captives caught in battle. The women, children,
herds and crippled warriors fled to Dragon Pass rather than be slaves.

>Appearently Joraz Kyrem made his deal with Dorasor to help with the
>retaking of Pavis and the building of the new city.

Dorasor lived well after Joraz did. If you meant Pavis, then
Joraz never made a deal with Pavis to retake the city that bore
his name. When he did retake it, he was King of Pavis in Exile
and the Zebra tribe had been founded before this, ie after Pavis
had made a deal with Waha.

>This is the creation
>of the new Zebra tribe. Since zebras were one of Eiritha's children,
>there were probably zebra riders before this, but they were a minor tribe
>like the lizards or the rhinos.

There were no Zebra riders before Joraz.

        "The species was small and incapable of carrying normal-
        sized riders. The pygmy humans all rode impalas and
        other minor survivors, like the bolo lizards. The Zebra
        drew no protectors in the lottery of survival
        during the darkness ages, relegating them to minor status".
                                P&BR p61

> To add to the confusions... two goldeneye horses were given by the
>Grazers to Argrath at his wedding.

Why is this confusing?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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