Re: Chaos Decontamination

Date: Mon 30 Aug 1999 - 15:25:57 EEST

Emmanuel Ponette:

>>My players have by mistake helped a ogre, and this ogre created a cha=
>>'spot' (a small dorator or Snake Pipe Hollow). Now they are stronger,=
>>they want to hire chaos fighter to clean the place. OK for the 'monst=
>>but the land is corrupted. How can they clean the land from chaos? wh=
>>mighty spells should they use? Do they have to make some Heros Quest =
>>clean it? Is there myths of some gods cleaning a Chaos land that I co=
>>use to make a Quest?

Peter Metcalfe :

>The best known way to clean a land of chaos is to sear it utterly
>like Pamalt did to the Nargan or Oakfed did to Prax.

>Normally chaotics or in some cases gloranthans pollute a land by
>opening a hole to the primal void/protoplasm/etc. Your players
>best bet is to find this hole and close it or to stop it up with
>concrete. That will slow down the Chaos contamination.

If the bad guy was really powerful enough to make a NEW hole to the Out=
side then
the place is really like Snake Pipe Hollow. No cure, you can only preve=
nt it
spreading by destroying it like Pete said. That means also the Ogre is =
a Chaos
*Hero* and that his power is growing until they destroy this place.

If he *only* made a copy of what one of the Chaos god made by a ritual =
HeroQuest then I think that it can be undone by calling on the god(s) t=
defeated that Chaos god, also by a ritual / HeroQuest. For example if t=
he ogre
called Wakboth then a Storm Bull follower can crush him with a boulder =
of True
Stone (finding that boulder will be a proper atonement for their sin).

In both case they can look for help from the Darkness. Uz are the most =
chaos fighter (that's why Arkat became at troll to finish Gbaji) but wh=
at they
do is definitely unpleasant for humans.

Herv=E9 Ancelin


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