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Date: Mon 30 Aug 1999 - 20:43:55 EEST

Bob Stancliff:
<< Appearently Joraz Kyrem made his deal with Dorasor to help with the
 retaking of Pavis and the building of the new city. This is the creation
 of the new Zebra tribe. Since zebras were one of Eiritha's children,
 there were probably zebra riders before this, but they were a minor tribe
 like the lizards or the rhinos. >>

I think it was Olgarth Arrow Eye of the zebra tribe who helped Dorasor with
the new city. The Zebra Tribe had survived on the plains since their exile
following the Occupation. The Tribe is run along military lines as it is
really the descendants of the Pavic Cavalry of the golden age of Pavis. I
think it was stated somewhere that zebras did not have a partner in Waha's
covenant which was why they were okay to be used by Joraz. Whether this is
REALLY true is open to more debate.

Another question, while I'm here: what was Pavis called when Pavis was alive?
Not just "Pavis" as this would surely be confusing when refering to the
person of the city. "Paragua" was what the nomads called it, but I think city
people would object to naming their home after a defeated enemy. Robcradle
was the previous name, so perhaps "New Robcradle" (which I don't like at
all). I did think of "Big City" (which nicely degenerates into "Big Rubble")
but I'm really open to suggestions. Perhaps Pavis, being an egomaniac, did
name his city after himself, or alternatively Pavis was the name of the city,
the name of the founder of the city is not known and he is simply refered to
as Pavis.

Keith N


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