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Date: Mon 30 Aug 1999 - 00:53:42 EEST

Petteri wondered

> I have a hard time to understand how the aeolins
> get along whit the "true" orlanth people who live also in the heorland.

Orlanthi are fairly pragmatic. They don't like sorcerers, but as long
as the sorcerers aren't directly bothering them, there's no problem.
You might steal their cows in preference to someone else's cows, but
it's nothing personal.

If the Aeolians are the evil overlords, then you hate them because
they're overlords.

Don't think of the Orlanthi as rabid -- the recent Lunar hatred is
because of various recent circumstances, and was easy to fan because
of the purported Chaos connection.

Remember, the Orlanthi were the big movers and shakers behind much of
the Unity Council, and were perfectly willing to ally with the
sorcery-using Arkat in the First age and dragons in the Second age.

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