Aeolians and Rokari

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 31 Aug 1999 - 10:16:25 EEST

Peter wrote:

> In the second age, the Aeolans probably fought bitterly against the
> Orlanthi of the interior. Throughout the Modern Age, the Aeolians
> were under the protection of the King of Heortland. But Sir Richard
> has upset this political balance and it will be a source of conflict
> for quite some time. All IMO.

IMO, the Rokari under Sir Richard have hammered the Aeolian heretics, to
some extent driving them into the arms of their traditionalist compatriots.
(Remember, many good Malkioni think that heretics are more dangerous than
pagans. Pagans are ignorant, but heresy is a malignant cancer in the body of
the Church).

In the long term this may be bad for the established Aeolian Church, but in
the short term there is now IMO little conflict between Aeolians and
old-style Orlanthi. Picking up the pieces after Argrath and the Hero Wars...
is kinda beyond my scope just now.

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