Henotheists etc.

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Tue 31 Aug 1999 - 15:07:09 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:

>I agree somewhat. A henotheist Orlanthi-Malkioni blend would use his
>materialist magic on the spiritual body of Umath, not on the dead matter
>air, and by this admission weaken his sorcerous hold on reality.

I think this is the wrong way to treat henotheist magicians. Their
magicians will concentrate on one form or the other with Clergy and
Sorcerers of the Invisible God and his Saints and Priests of Orlanth
etc. The laity will pray at both to even their bets, but Greg reckons
it is very difficult to reconcile theistic and sorcerous magic (unlike
Theism/Shamanism that the Orlanthi do). So it would be meaningless
to think of a henotheist sorcerer that worships Gods. A few heroes

have done so, but their viewpoints are not those of the average henotheist.

In short, I think the religious leaders of henotheist societies are
tolerant of each other rather than syncretic.

>In Safelster, mercenary bands will include some magicians (I cite
>Mularik's pet sorcerers as proof), which might result in wizards from
>different traditions cooperating.

Mularik is from Tanisor rather than Safelster. I'll suppose I
better say something about the philosophies of the Seshnegi.

The people of Tanisorans are Rokari, which is called the Realist
Sect. Rather than simply taking this statement as meaning "one
that uses the Malkioni caste realistically", (as opposed to the
Ideal but impractical usage of the Hrestoli), I've interpreted
this to mean they are obsessed with the material reality of the
Cosmos and find it polluting. Consider peasants work in the fields
and have short lifespans - ergo dirt is pollution.

Now the Quinpolic League are also Rokari but do not have this same
obsession with the contamination of matter. Mainly because they
know prayers to protect themselves against wordly pollution and to
purify any matter handled by foreigners. Consequently they are
unafraid to sail into the unknown, live in foreign parts and
have pagan wives and are also have a notorious (and justified!)
reputation for corruption in Tanisor.

Sir Richard is operating according to the Quinpolic norms. This
doesn't prevent him from going against the Aeolians as he could
regard Aeol as the Opiate of the Malkioni that prevent them from
attaining dominance in Heortland for example.

>IMO both Orlanthi and Arkati traditions accept personally acquired
>magics as a way to greatness.

I don't think the Arkati operate like this. Rather they chose
a path of Arkat (say the Liberator) and try and act according
to those ideals (like kill inhumans and chaos monsters), gaining
spiritual prowess from the completion of those acts. They can
use personally acquired magics but for the modern Arkati, it
is not their road to greatness.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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