Prax and Lunar/Elf relations

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Date: Wed 01 Sep 1999 - 03:19:30 EEST

Paul Anderson:

>>Varajiia Nopor
>Please remind me who she is.

EWF work of magic who wounded Waha after the Too Tall Battle.


>I do not believe that the 'oases' of Prax are all palm groves. The climate
>is temperate (see chart in SC/Borderlands); the pictures and descriptions of
>the Zola Fel are temperate, and some of the rooves of Pavis are beamed; and
>the suggested picture of Prax is from the American Southwest - over which
>wagons were used and kept in repair.

The Zola Fel is not an oasis. It is inhabited by sedentaries who
are not slaves of the nomads. In the Oases, Palms are the major
trees there.

>The Aldryami do not generally surrender under threat of forest
>fire - any of them that did were whittled to nothing by Zorak
>Zorani long ago.

But it is a way to terrify them, no? Elves are scared of fire.

>>Lunars don't hate elves; elves hate Lunars

>Do Lunars _officially_ and collectively hate anyone, even Orlanatus

They do not hate elves at all. There is no unofficial hatred
of elves.

>But there are currents in the culture strong enough to have massacred at
>least two elvenwoods.

It only burned down one. The other was done by the CharUn who
are allies of the Empire at best, and were on the verge of
invading Glamour not so long beforehand.

>Consider: one of the Seven Mothers was a troll, and
>the Empire has long and profitably been allied with dwarves.

One of the seven mothers was alleged to be a troll. That didn't
stop Dagori Inkarth from warring against the Lunar Empire, did
it? Any trollish influence is confined to the far north near
the Blue Moon Plateau. Furthermore the Empire is not allied
with dwarves - they only trade with dwarves.

>It is not
>surprising that any culture which manages to contain two of the Elder
>Races should occasionally lash out against the third.

Given that it does not "contain" two elder races, there is no
reason why it should hate elves.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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