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Bob Stancliff wrote

> there are legends in KoS that claim
> Grazer decent from the centaurs. If we treat these as history, then the
> Grazers existed in Dragon Pass after the Dragonkill and before the
> Orlanthi incursion.

These legends are better treated as myths. The Grazers came to Dragon
Pass in 1250, well after the Dragonkill, and well before the Orlanthi.

> The Praxian legend ... states that everyone from the horse tribe who fought
> at Alavan Argay died... none escaped. It is reasonable that the women and
> children who were left behind escaped into Dragon Pass... there is no
> mention.

I wouldn't trust the Praxians on what was going on in Dragon Pass --
or to give an unbiased account of their victory.

> If you accept that KoS was written in Greg's 'don't tell the
> truth, tell
> the perception or myth' phase, then it is perfectly possible that the
> remnants of the Pure Horse Tribe moved to the Grazelands after the Battle
> of Alavan Argay, and created the myth of being created from the centaurs
> sometime during the next few centuries. This also explains the strong
> similarities in the sun pantheons of the Pentans and Grazers.

This is what happened.

Peter Metcalfe wrote

> >Orlanthi are fairly pragmatic. They don't like sorcerers, but as long
> >as the sorcerers aren't directly bothering them, there's no problem.
> >You might steal their cows in preference to someone else's cows, but
> >it's nothing personal.
> You wouldn't want to steal sorcerer's cows as they are tapped
> and taste awful.

I'll bet a sorcerer told you that, and you believed it?

Sorcerers drink milk, too. They don't tap their own cows. They tap
*our* cows! That's why Bossie didn't give any milk yesterday, and why
Blackie's milk sours so quickly.

Sergio Mascarenhas wrote

> My review of Pavis and Big Ruble as just been published by RPGnet.
> You can find it at:

Good idea!

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