Re: Varajiia Nopor

Date: Wed 01 Sep 1999 - 22:26:42 EEST

<< "Paul Anderson" :
>Varajiia Nopor
 Please remind me who she is. >>

Varajiia Nopor is a magician from the Empire if Wyrm's Friend. In 830 Waha
was wounded (hamstrung) by the Faceless Statue and retired to the Paps. The
Praxians had been harrassing everyone for some time and Varajiia "a great
worker of magic" was sent by the people of Dragon Pass to the Paps to
retaliate. Waha had to respond and was again wounded (ie by Varajiia Nopor),
leaving the nomads to surrender "numb with loss". The EWF agreed to leave the
Sacred Ground alone. Pavis then went to the Paps with his Aldryami Healing
Magic and healed Waha, in return for Waha agreeing to let Pavis build his
city in peace. Other compromises were made and peace was agreed.

I had previously assumed Varajiia was a male magician but see no real
evidence either way.

As another Wyrms Friend Magician Varajiia probably knew Pavis, possibly

Keith N


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