Re: Aeolians

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Thu 02 Sep 1999 - 03:50:32 EEST

David Dunham on the Orlanthi, on 'sorcerors' (vis the Aeolians):
> Don't think of the Orlanthi as rabid -- the recent Lunar hatred is
> because of various recent circumstances, and was easy to fan because
> of the purported Chaos connection.

Well, they _are_ pretty rabid, if you ask me. It's just that they're
about as 'individualistic' in what they get rabid about as they are
about almost everything else. Most Sartar clans have a distinct
downer on sorcerors, compared to the Heortlanders. After, it's
partly _why_ they're in Sartar ("I'd rather be buggered by a smelly
goat than live here with you meldeks!"). Other clans will rant on
at just as great length about how Evil and Insidious such-and-such
flavour of mystics are, given half a chance. Or shamans. Or some
other group, based on some different criterion entirely.

It's probably also true to say that Aeolians tend to be
'theist-persective henotheists', rather than 'materialist-perspective
henotheists', so the Average Orlanthi(TM) would regard them with
less don't-touch-him-he'll-Tap-you horror than say they would a Rokari.
(OTOH, they might regard 'em with 'heretic! string him up' type horror.



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