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Peter Metcalfe:

On the point at issue, such as it is, we differ in emphasis:

>The Zola Fel is not an oasis. It is inhabited by sedentaries who
>are not slaves of the nomads.
Not now slaves; how the Nomad Sun Counts of the past centuries felt about
their subjects is a different question, on which there are two sides.
>In the Oases, Palms are the major trees there.
Yes, Palms are the most numerous single genus.

[Glorantha, II, p.88:] "There are occasional trees and more succulent plants
at the few scattered oases [in the Wastes]. Oases in Prax and near the
seashore often boast date palms, but at most oases only skullbushes are
found." Or, some oases have trees, some do not; some of the treed ones have
palm-groves, some do not. This is what I would expect in Prax, which is a
high plateau with frosts through Dark season and often in Storm season; and
which brings forth temperate flora where the Zola Fel waters it.

This is sufficient lumber to replace an axle or mend a wheel; and there are
two other sources mentioned in Biturian Varosh's diary alone.

Where could the Pol-Joni build carts? They live next to the Storm Mountains,
which have deciduous forests. This does mean that when it is their turn to
be driven into the Wastes, they will have to abandon cartage, and it might
be wise for them to leave it now.

The warmth of Peter Metcalfe's expressions has wafted him into positions
which might benefit from reconsideration. Examples follow. I therefore
intend to let this entire thread cool, unless presented with further

>[The Lunar Empire] only burned down one [elvenwood]. The other was >done
>by the CharUn who
>are allies of the Empire at best, and were on the verge of
>invading Glamour not so long beforehand.

"After 50 years of loyal service, the Char-un received Erigia [ibid, p43]"
Two generations is 'not so long'? GB continues "The tribe was displeased,
for it was elf forest. But in 1/32 the Skyburn spell poured liquid fire on
the forests, and destroyed all the trees." The simplest reading of this
passage is that the Lunars performed another of their astronomical wonders,
like the Crater-Makers or the Twin-Stars, to help their allies.

It may be the Skyburn was entirely a Char-un magic. If so, the Lunars still
planted them there {as opposed to, say, Twice-Blessed} and the result of
this Lunar arrangement was a destroyed elvenwood, and allies reduced in
population and rendered dependent on mercenary service.

>Dagori Inkarth warred against the Lunar Empire.
This is a straw man. No political organization since Time has included all
dwarves or all trolls, much less all of both. The Empire does, unlike many
states, include both dwarves and trolls. AFAIK it includes no organized body
of Aldryami (the Stinking Forest may be, but is not yet, the first). This is
no coincidence.

>Given that it does not "contain" two elder races, there is no
>reason why it should hate elves.
"The Blue Moon Trolls have aided the Goddess since her lifetime and are
widely held] to be a branch of the Emperor's secret police." [loc.cit.] At

the least, they have some authority and influence in Glamour. "
home to the largest group of dwarfs _in_ the Empire.[p.39]" Presumably
followed by Imther.

And then there is the Dwarf Run prophecy, which claims the Red Moon is a
dwarvish tool [ibid. p.56].

General question: The Dwarf made this remark, presumably in Dragon Pass,
only half a century after the Dragonkill. Who was he talking to?

Paul MacLean Anderson
"I'm not making this up, you know!"

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