eleventh test

From: terra incognita (inarsus-ferilt-z@mrg.biglobe.ne.jp)
Date: Fri 03 Sep 1999 - 00:07:12 EEST

In TIMELINE OF Mr.Peter Metcalph:
Karvanyar dynasty

1089 ST Khorviramaka becomes Emperor after passing the Eleven Tests [FS].

1125 ST Alenvus becomes Emperor after passing the Eleven Tests [FS].

GRoY IVORY PAGE p.13,14 contents of ten test;

So,what is eleventh test? And when is it abandoned?
which would intimately test whether his adoption was accepted by Yelm.
Is there any more detail?

Murharxarm rite?:lost
Anaxial rite:orthodox of today
Ovosto rite:without correct liturgy,used by regents(like Eusibus,Ordanestyu)
Jenarong rite:used by hyalorings with evil Kargzant



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