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Bob Stancliff wrote

> I think that you meant to say "in Dragon Pass before the Dragonkill and
> survived it".
> So, if the Grazers (according to their own legends) descended from the
> centaurs from Beast Valley or the EWF pens, then those creatures did
> survive the Dragonkill in Dragon Pass and became humans later. Not that I
> currently accept those myths.

That myth isn't necessarily entirely false, but think about it. Which
would you rather have as an origin myth? "We were made from centaurs"
or "we got the shit kicked out of us by lowly Praxians and had to run

> Still, many races survived in Dragon Pass during the Dragonkill because
> the Dragons concentrated on defending the Dragonnewt cities and ate the
> attacking armies. Nowhere is it stated that the Pass was stripped of
> life. I believe that large parts of Beast Valley and the Grazelands were
> far enough away for someone to survive.

There were no nomadic horse people who survived the Dragonkill (1120)
in Dragon Pass. Greg is pretty certain that no humans of any culture
survived. Life, no. Humans, yes.

The Grazers just happened to be the first people who arrived after
the Dragonkill (in 1250, 130 years later), and they had to perform
special rituals remaking them by a centaur (Ironhoof) in order to
avoid the curse.

> When the Pure Horse People fled the destruction of Robcradle, where did
> they go?

I don't know, they were nomadic. And it's not relevant to the
discussion of Dragon Pass history between 1120 and 1250. If they went
to Dragon Pass, they were eventually eaten by dragons. But chances
are, they wandered around nomadically, which is very hard to keep
track of.

> the Pavis book clearly states that the Pure Horse remnants
> retreated into Dragon Pass and were given the Grazelands by Ironhoof's
> people. Why couldn't Greg say this in KoS? Couldn't any true legends
> survive until the hero wars?

See above for choice of myth.

Paul Anderson wondered

> And then there is the Dwarf Run prophecy, which claims the Red Moon is a
> dwarvish tool [ibid. p.56].

> General question: The Dwarf made this remark, presumably in Dragon Pass,
> only half a century after the Dragonkill. Who was he talking to?

Ironhoof? An uz? Or more likely, another mostali ("so long as dwarfs
work together and in harmony"). Nothing says that the Dwarf of Dwarf
Run was in Dragon Pass at the time of the prophecy, either.

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