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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Fri 03 Sep 1999 - 03:17:46 EEST

Paul Anderson:

>>In the Oases, Palms are the major trees there.

>Yes, Palms are the most numerous single genus.

>[Glorantha, II, p.88:] "There are occasional trees and more succulent plants
>at the few scattered oases [in the Wastes]. Oases in Prax and near the
>seashore often boast date palms, but at most oases only skullbushes are
>found." Or, some oases have trees, some do not; some of the treed ones have
>palm-groves, some do not.

I get a completely different interpretation from your quote. Of the
oases, some boast date palms while others have only skullbushes. A
skullbush is not a tree, "being a low shrub with thick trunk and
branches" RQC p32. One can make stakes from this but axles and planks
are a bit much.

Now there are other trees in Prax as the Tales description of Moonbroth
speaks of Apricot Trees. But I think these are introduced plants
and namely delicacies for the palate of the inhabitants rather than
sources of timber.

>This is what I would expect in Prax, which is a
>high plateau with frosts through Dark season and often in Storm season;
>and which brings forth temperate flora where the Zola Fel waters it.

In every desert, it gets bloody cold at night. Thus I don't see
Prax as having a temperate climate and the cover pictures of Sun
County, Borderlands and River of Cradles certainly doesn't look
to me like places with a temperate climate.

Secondly Zola Fel is not typical of Prax. Prax is a waste because
Oakfed burned it during the Great Darkness and its climate should
reflect that mythical event more than anything else.

>and there are
>two other sources mentioned in Biturian Varosh's diary alone.

Namely "wooden stakes made in the paps" and the trolls at Adari?
The stakes probably come from the Skullbushes while the Trolls
can't be persuaded to harvest timber. The items the priestess
handled are magical ones and ordinary wood would be eaten by
the trollkin.

>Where could the Pol-Joni build carts? They live next to the Storm
>Mountains, which have deciduous forests.

They live close to the Divison Woods which is near Dagori Inkarth
and full of werewolves. How many of them still live around Barbarian
Town is unknown.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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