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Paul writes:

> "The [Char-Un] tribe was displeased, for [Erigia] was elf forest. But
> in 1/32 the Skyburn spell poured liquid fire on the forests, and des-
> troyed all the trees." The simplest reading of this passage is that
> the Lunars performed another of their astronomical wonders, like the
> Crater-Makers or the Twin-Stars, to help their allies.

No, I think this is explicitly a Char-Un magic; the Lunars later emulated
what the Char-Un had achieved when they poured their own Moonburn on Rist.
See the First Wane history:

: The prospect of nomadic cavalry overthrowing elves in their own woods
: looked dim, except that Panishi [Char-Un Khan] stirred his own magics
: and created a fearsome weapon. ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^
: The ritual was begun in 1/30, and maintained by refugee priests from
: the cities of Yuthuppa who had taken refuge with the Char-Un Khan. It
: ended in 1/32 with the spell and event called *Skyburn*.

Greg once suggested that those renegade anti-Lunar Dara Happan priests who
backed the Char-Un (this is, after all, pretty soon after the Dara Happan
Rebellion against the Lunar Way) actually had a different target in mind,
somewhere within the Empire, and that it was somehow deflected out to
Erigia. Good stuff for heroic counter-espionage Lunar Agent vs. Terrorist
plots and schemes, I think, regardless of what "actually" happened.

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