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David Dunham:
>There were no nomadic horse people who survived the Dragonkill (1120)
>in Dragon Pass. Greg is pretty certain that no humans of any culture
>survived. Life, no. Humans, yes.

>The Grazers just happened to be the first people who arrived after
>the Dragonkill (in 1250, 130 years later), and they had to perform
>special rituals remaking them by a centaur (Ironhoof) in order to
>avoid the curse.

I like the use of Ironhoof.

After this, it became retroactively true that they were descended from
divided Centaurs. In some place/times in Glorantha, arguing about which is
the true history resembles arguing about which is the right myth. (Much
more rarely, because history is as much stronger than the monomyth as the
Gods who wove it are greater than the Jrusteli.)

One of these was Dragon Pass after the Dragonkill, largely because of its
similarity to the Green Age

>Me > And then there is the Dwarf Run prophecy, which claims the Red Moon is
> > dwarvish tool [ibid. p.56].
> >
> > General question: The Dwarf made this remark, presumably in Dragon Pass,
> > only half a century after the Dragonkill. Who was he talking to?

I should have made clear that I was not arguing for humans in DP at the
time; I was merely curious.
>Ironhoof? An uz? Or more likely, another mostali ("so long as dwarfs
>work together and in harmony"). Nothing says that the Dwarf of Dwarf
>Run was in Dragon Pass at the time of the prophecy, either.
Of these, again I prefer Ironhoof. If that prophecy is as widely-known as
prophecies ought to be, some Dwarf first spread it to a non-mostali; and
the Dwarf Run Dwarf and Ironhoof (or his Queen??) seem plausible.

>First-Wane Chronicle:
Thank you, everybody; that is evidence.

Paul MacLean Anderson
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