Re: a second Green Age; Sartar; Pavis & Big Rubble

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Date: Sun 05 Sep 1999 - 03:45:54 EEST

Paul Anderson wrote

> Dragon Pass after the Dragonkill, largely because of its
> similarity to the Green Age

Cool -- having run a Post-Dragonkill game (from human perspective), I
hadn't thought of it this way.

Of course, there are minor glitches like the Battle of Smoking Ruins
in 1222, but at the start, it must have been pretty idyllic for the

Sort of like the situation in Jrustela at about the same period.

Peter Metcalfe answers

> >What was the name of Sartar (the principality), when Sartar ruled it?
> The Quivini (named for the Mountains in and around Boldhome).

More likely Quiviniland if so -- a term we almost used in King of
Dragon Pass. We switched to just calling the area Dragon Pass, and
it's always possible Sartar's kingdom was called the Kingdom of
Dragon Pass. The Kingdom of the Heortlings is possible, or Kingdom of

Dennis Stanley wrote

> For a couple days the Gloranthan Home Page has listed that _Pavis & Big
> Rubble_ are now available from Wizard's Attic, but the second webpage has
> no listing (that I can find) of that item. What is the order number and
> cost for this new item?

You can still order it from Moon Design, or just call Wizard's Attic
and ask them. (I made sure that they actually had it before I changed
the web page.)

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