The Dwarf

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Date: Sun 05 Sep 1999 - 02:46:46 EEST

><< General question: The Dwarf made this remark, presumably in Dragon =
> only half a century after the Dragonkill. Who was he talking to?
> >>
>Could have been prophesying to himself, perhaps to a Stone Man, or a =
>Wall, maybe even to a Dragonewt, Delecti, a Stinking Elf, a Tusk Rider =
or a=20
>Pain Centaur.?
I assume he spoke to his dictaphone, as a memo to self. He _is_ a =
Quicksilver. Prone to malfunction, but with a True Mostali's great care =
for efficiency, and presumably wanted to be able to remember it. The =
dictaphone nilmergs were not really approved by the 93d Nidan Decamonic =
Information Equipment Testing Center until some decades later, but he is =
also an Individualist; as a True Mostali, he might have gotten hold of =
an Epsilon test version, as well. This seems probable, as they have a =

tendency to be too enthusiastic and prone to tell everyone they meet of =
their recordings; they also lack any kind of direction sense and tend to =
wander off. Combined, these would explain why the prophecy spread. On =
the other hand, he is also both and Openhandist and sometimes quite mad, =
and for any of these reasons he might have sent of the dictanilmerg on =
its own. Or he may have used several humanoid simulacrum doubles at that =
time, which could mean he could be in at least three places at once =
(including the Alchemical Transmutator, where his base consciousness is =
Anchored - the apparatus is of course his true physical appearance on =
this plane, since True Mostali aint humanoid, whatever these growin' =
human game designers say) which in its turn means he could have been =
talking to someone outside Dragon Pass, making the whole discussion =

Erik Sieurin, mostaliphile extraordinaire
PS: Not one iota of this message is official or anything like that in =
any way or form. DS


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