Dwarf Dates, Names, Products

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Bob fluffs his Numeracy roll:

>> The Dwarf made this remark, presumably in Dragon Pass, only half
>> a century after the Dragonkill. Who was he talking to?

> Why is this surprising? 500 years after Dragonkill is about 1600.
> Dwarf Run is a major caravan route to east Sartar and Prax from Tarsh
> and all points north. Hundreds of people travel through it each year.
> One of them wrote this down.

500 years is ten times "half a century". Half a century after the Dragonkill
war, Dwarf Run was not a major caravan route: it was a shunned no-man's-land
where no humans ever trod.

Hardy Perennials:

> What was the name of Sartar (the principality), when Sartar ruled it?

How's about calling it "the Kingdom of Sartar" (i.e. "Sartar's Kingdom")?
Just as the name of Pavis (the city), when Pavis ruled it, could simply be
"the City of Pavis". Whyever not, after all? It's the name that stuck, in
the long run...

Dennis mentions:

> For a couple days the Gloranthan Home Page has listed that _Pavis & Big
> Rubble_ are now available from Wizard's Attic, but the second webpage has
> no listing (that I can find) of that item.

They are pretty bad at this, aren't they? You'd think Issaries, Inc. would
wait for the (external) Wizard's Attic site to show their products before
putting the links in, wouldn't you. (Have those T-shirts turned up yet?)

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