FW: RPGA hostile takeover

From: Hibbs, Philip (philip.hibbs@tnt.co.uk)
Date: Mon 06 Sep 1999 - 13:35:18 EEST

A friend sent me this worrying report from Gen Con UK.

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> -----Original Message-----
> For those of you who did not know (which is probably none), 3 years ago
> went chapter 11 adn was bought by WoC. The RPGA was left in a state of
> flux,
> but the regular staff and volunteers carried on, and so a Euro GEn Con was

> managed that year.
> Since then the RPGA has been allowed to keep it's independence (a v.good
> thing), however with in the last week, Wo0C have forcefully taken over
> both the
> DCI (their own equivalent group to the RPGA) and the RPGA. Up to this
> point
> the RPGA have always been able to defend the rights of the roleplayer.
> WoC
> are already moving behind the scenes to make major changes which will most

> likely result in RPGA prices (for membership, cons., and sponsered events)

> becoming far more expensive, and the use of the steering committee
> (volunteered
> by none RPGA/TSR/WoC employed individuals) scrapped - or their advice at
> least ignored. As a result, after the award ceremony the following
> announcements
> were made :-
> John Brown, who has been the RPGA coordinator for 6 years now (and who
> lives, works, sleeps RPGA) has resigned his post effectiv first thing this

> morning.
> The RPGA steering committee have all resinged on mass.
> The main group of volunteers (including the likes of Ratty, Twin, Sad (I
> think)
> and Jan have all withdrawn their support.
> The above, along with several of the other major names in the UK
> roleplaying
> scene are all quiting from the RPGA as members.
> All these people would only have taken steps like this as a last resort
> for they
> know how damaging this is to the UK roleplaying scene, which just shows
> how serious WoC attitude has become towards the RPGA.
> G. <who was as stunned as most the other people there?


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