Wizzards Attic Web Site

From: Dom Twist (thazar@globalnet.co.uk)
Date: Mon 06 Sep 1999 - 15:30:48 EEST

Before Eric leaps in a few words about Wizzards Attic's Web site.

The thing hasnt been updated in a age, as those of you who got the R'Lyeth
Report know it's in the process of being re-written.

The T-shirts, P&BR etc etc havent shown up on the web site and wont till
it's next incarnation. However you can still order the stuff, even via the

I am assured the a couple of the T-shirts are on they're way to me as I type
(and trying not think about the possibilities of having the Royal Mail, US
Postal service and a Airline involved in anything).

Phone and get a price or e-mail for the same. More of hassle I agree but as
Wizzards Attic are short on Web site designers/maintainers you'll all just
have to live with it. Of course those of the more webberate of you could
lend a hand!

If the new site could be in place for the Launch of Hero Wars, it would be a
"GOOD THING" as at the moment the Issaries site on WA is doing us not much
good. WE know there's T-shirts and new books to buy, but you're casual
browser wont. Missed Sales are a "BAD THING".



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