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From: Eric Rowe (rowe@chaosium.com)
Date: Wed 08 Sep 1999 - 05:12:48 EEST

>For a couple days the Gloranthan Home Page has listed that _Pavis & Big
>Rubble_ are now available from Wizard's Attic, but the second webpage has
>no listing (that I can find) of that item. What is the order number and
>cost for this new item?

Pavis & Big Rubble is RM0501 and is $45 + $5 S&H.

The new Wizard's Attic web site is operational, but not all the
companies have been added yet. Issaries is in though, and a link
from the www.glorantha.com page should be updated soon. You can
also get to the Issaries Inc. part of the catalog by heading
though www.wizards-attic.com

There's a lot more work to do on it, but it is getting there.


Eric Rowe
Wizard's Attic


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