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Date: Mon 06 Sep 1999 - 23:33:24 EEST

Loz's group didn't like it at all. Interestingly enough two of his players
had played the earlier playtest version and thought the 4.9 version was
inferior to the earlier version. Hopefully they'll be able to give a fuller
report on it, but not one of the players enjoyed the combat system. Now I
don't know whether that was due to the make up of the players, the
adventure or whatever, but I feel rather uneasy about that.
I'll add more info later

<<I was hamstrung by several factors.

1. I'm not Glorantha's foremost expert, and hadn't had the benefit of being talked through the rules system for HW by Gre=
g, Robin, or anyone else before running v4.9 of the playtest rules. I also had two hours to digest the lot before runnin=
g the game, and I do not think I applied the rules correctly or in the right way all the time.
2. The rules I worked from were vague and made little sense in someplaces to someone who hadn't had a walkthrough upfront=
  I did my best in the limited amount of time I had, but see point 1 above.

My players enjoyed 'Return to Apple Lane' as a scenario (so did I. Dave Scott ran a cracking version at Tentacles, and t=
his inspired me to run it at GenCon - thanks for a great game Dave!). One or two who had played earlier versions at Conv=
ulsion looked through the rules I worked from and declared them difficult to work with (so I felt a little less lousy for=

I think that, with a complete set of rules, publication-ready, the reports from my players would have been very different=
  My chief problems came from the application of Advantage/Action points during contests, and how these affect the use/r=
esolution of abilities.

>From a personal POV, I think HW will make a very good system. Some of my players were RQ diehards, and found some of the=
 concepts in HW difficult to reconcile. Still, each to his or her own I suppose.

I hope this feedback is useful.>>

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