Nasty Nipple Piercings: A Review

From: Michael O'Brien (
Date: Fri 10 Sep 1999 - 09:47:16 EEST

G'day all,

Tentacles II

Hey, I've just got my hands on a copy of Ye Booke of Tentacles II, the
second in a series of German RQ Con fund-raiser books. Here's Mr MOB's

Great CGI cover from Dan Barker, whose showing he's a dab hand at
electronic depictions of Uz. Nasty nipple-piercings though...

Range of articles inside, from Glorantha through to Cthulhu, Nephilim,
Eternal Champion, Pendragon and Misc. Mostly Glorantha though; in fact, a
great whack of the book details the Culbrea Tribe, by Martin Laurie and
Patrik Sanberg. Lots of stuff to complement any Sartar campaign: worth
gettin' your hands on the opus for this alone!

Some other articles of note include the entertaining German RQ Con Lore
Auction transcript, some weird but gameable tales by Darvall, and more
unfinished stuff from yet another Stafford work-in-progress. There's a
real strange article on Gloranthan shells, and a running gag called
"Glorantha's worst books" which seems to have lost something in the
translation. If you're into rules-fixing, check out the swathe of useful
articles on spirits, including Sandy's revised Shaman rules (which makes
shamanism cool like it was in RQII) and Nick's cheerful ideas on spirit cults.

At the end of the book, Shannon Appel's "Adventure of the Reluctant Bride"
is a superb Pendragon scenario that I've played and can heartily vouch for.

My personal contribution to Tentacles II is "The Men with the Golden Gun",
more Sun Domer loopiness, this time the left-handed misfits who man the
giant spear-thrower at Harpoon.

Tentacles II is highly recommended: available from wherever you usually get
these sorts of things!



PS Along with Mr Boatwright, I agree the recent post about WotC and the
RPGA was of interest to this list, if only to read that one of the
volunteer RPGA nuts is perceptively nicknamed "Sad".

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