RPGA - Not quite as off topic as you think?

From: Tim Ellis (tim@timellis.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sat 11 Sep 1999 - 21:54:40 EEST

Eric suggested

>until the RPGA starts running Hero Wars or Gloranthan games this is not
>relevant to this list.

which is sort-of true, but bear in mind that this was RPGA-UK, which (a)
organises Gencon-UK, the largest UK convention[1] - and there was
certainly some Hero Wars being run there, as other threads demonstrate
and (b) wasn't as fanatically TSR/WoTC as we are lead to believe the
American organisation is. I was pleasantly suprised to see support for
other companies games in the issue of Polyhedron they were giving away
at the Dudley Bug Ball[2]

That said this isn't the right place to debate this issue[3] - Quite a
lot has been said, by people with many different points of view on
uk.games.roleplay if anyone is interested....

[1] I've never actually been myself, so I can't comment on the quality

[2] A one day convention run by one of the companies who produce C&S[4],
but none-the-less supported by the RPGA-UK

[3] or the Hasboro take-over of WotC

[4] I think technically it's run by the Dudley & Black Country RPG
Society (or something similar) and pre-dates Britannia games, but in
practice they are the same people
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