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G'day all,


Yeah, I really like Neil's idea for the spell, though I'd hate to have it
cast on me! I think it ties in well with the stoic, 'never-say-die' Sun
Domer ethos, and is in keeping with their traditional of sheer
'bloody-minded' literalness. Offers a lot of amusing potential for
roleplaying situations too; try gatecrashing a party when the guy on the
door has this spell on him!

Re: Nasty Nipple Piercing

Just flicking through Ye Booke of Tentacles II, I notice my article refers
readers to related material on my web-page. I wrote and submitted "Men
with the Golden Gun' some time ago, and since then my home page address has
changed. The correct URL you'll need is:


Kevin Rose brings us the news:
>Hey, guess who just bought WOC? Hasbro Interactive. The same people who
>bought Avalon Hill.

There ain't much left for 'em to buy is there, so the next step in this
exciting saga is obviously Hasbro making a bid for Issaries Inc! After
taking one look at RuneQuest:Slayers and consigning it to the wastepaper
basket, they're probably on the lookout for a quality RPG to head the
company line. History has a strange way of repeating itself...



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