Heroes of the Age 831 ST

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Date: Mon 13 Sep 1999 - 00:17:03 EEST

I am trying to compile a list of prominent persons/beings, from any source
who *may* have been active and/or influential in 831, in the Paps. I have
several that I *think* could have been alive. Anyway , here is the list:

Pavis - the one (?) and only (??) Faceless Statue animating half elf dwarf

Waha - wounded by Pavis and Varajiia. Probably an incarnated Kahn.

Flintnail - Mostali manicurist.

Joraz Kyrem - Unconventional Pure Horse chief, dickering is his speciality.
'Friend' of Pavis.

Varajiia Nopor - EWFer

Potonis; City Magician of the New City of Pavis. (still obtaining planning

Delecti, a young student of the EWF?

Valastos of Seven Pens; godlearner critic. Wrote warnings about RuneQuesting
in 813.

Ascar the Black; Carmanian, destined to become Shah. (in 847)

Carmandar the White; Carmanian, destined to be Shah (in 865)

Carshandar the Peacemaker: Shah of Carmania - 4 wives (Veiled Lady of
Enthyr?, Masked Lady of Darjiin, 2 others??). Almost certainly not present.

Tish Piskos - godlearner chronicler, 'expert' on the Loper people. Presume
that he is from Piskosol University and his name is, IMO, Tish of Piskos.

Caylash Rhino; aged Praxian hero famous for troll bashing and denting the
gate of the Castle of Lead. Estimated date of birth c.750?

Hachrat Blowhard: Orlanthi Troll friend.

Ingolf Dragonfriend - top EWFer - I'm not certain on dates for these.

Alakoring Dragonbreaker - Orlanthi Hero. Definitely not present at the Paps,
but is he alive?

Obduran the Flyer - top EWFer - I'm not certain for dates on these.

Balarzak Leatherwing - EWFer entered Dorastor but died, with all his
companions with blood bubbling from their lungs in 827. Still, that's only
from one reference, it could be wrong. (three years after their escape from
Dorastor in 824)

Gorangi Vak - Bull taming hero. (not certain of dates)

Only Old One - son of Argan Argar.(ruler of the Shadowlands)

Kowyimi Impala Hater - 2nd Age Thanatari Hero of Prax, perverted and evil

Thorloss the Scribe - wrote about Annilla in 853.

Emperor of Sea and Land: Suilmant, son of Modos. Dealt with the Fireberg.
Definitely not present but influential.

Emperor of Dara Happa: Karmexdros. ignoring religion. 'Discovering' Old

Labrygon; Mr Puzzle Canal. I assume that he is a Godlearner Magician, perhaps
in the Reformed Sorcerors Alliance. Probably something to do with the Battle
of Tanien's Victory? A demi-god priest from the time of the Empire of Wyrm's

I would appreciate any feedback from digesters especially if I have made any
mistakes or if I have missed anyone. I was trying to find a Desert Tracker
link but have failed so far. I really need to look at KoS again as well.

Keith N


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