Pavis Magics

From: Ian Thomson (
Date: Tue 14 Sep 1999 - 08:19:21 EEST

I'm chatting with Keith about the possible nature of Old Pavis and its
Magicians and stuff

It appeals to me that Potonis is a series of individuals, in that the
name of each of the Seven Masks is the name of the first wearer and also
became an honorific title.

I also am totally captivated with Keith's awesome idea that the Twin
Hills were once a single long ridge called Magicians Hill.

Therefore it was smashed in half at some point.
With the Inhuman King's uprising in 1042(?) being at a convenient time,
I wonder if there was some artefact (Cradle, GodLearner, EWF, draconic,
Pavic?) on the centre of the hill, which was smashed by the dragonewts
(and/or a dragon).

Since this was the item which focussed the magic of the Pavis Magicians
its destruction may have been the last straw that broke the Pavis
defence capability utterly. It may have put Garngar Gateguard in a very

bad position, trying to defend the gates now only with mounted troops
and no sorcery back-up. Thus he was killed and Opili takes command
saying "Now we have to adopt a new strategy because the <artefact> is

gone. Let's build forts!"

I'm interested in the opinions of others and my home E-mail is:

I'm especially interested in any visions of what the artefact was, how
it worked, and why the dragonewts destroyed it. (Was it forbidden dragon
magic, or was it anti-dragon magic, or was there some other reason like
the Pavisites used it to try and fight the dragon/ewts in 1042 when they
started killing Magicians and stealing EWF items?)

Also, was there a dragon involved (literally smashing the hill in two)
and if so, why didn't it eat everyone in Pavis as an after-task snack?

Perhaps the EWF at that point merely wanted to destroy the leaders and
some specific items, and were not interested in wholesale slaughter
until the True Golden Horde got so uppitty?




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