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Date: Tue 14 Sep 1999 - 12:07:52 EEST

Keith Nellist:


>Obduran the Flyer - top EWFer - I'm not certain for dates on these.

Probably active well in the previous century. He's chiefly responsible
for reconciling Orlanth worship with Draconism. Since the EWF has been
active since 578 ST, troubles with the Traditionalists would have broken
out in the 600s. Since he solves these problems and ends up in the
council (but was not Numero Uno AFAIK), I think he will be one with the
Cosmic Dragon by now.

>Balarzak Leatherwing - EWFer entered Dorastor but died, with all his
>companions with blood bubbling from their lungs in 827. Still, that's only
>from one reference, it could be wrong. (three years after their escape from
>Dorastor in 824)

He's dead, Jim.

>Labrygon; Mr Puzzle Canal. I assume that he is a Godlearner Magician,
>perhaps in the Reformed Sorcerors Alliance. Probably something to do
>with the Battle of Tanien's Victory? A demi-god priest from the time
>of the Empire of Wyrm's friends.

I doubt strongly that he is a God Learner. The Tanian's magic in
the puzzle canal would have been left over from Robcradle.

>Delecti, a young student of the EWF?

He became Magus eight centuries ago, according to the Genertela
book which is around about now. So he's definitely not young.
Also I don't think he studies EWF magics.

You left out Arinsor Clearmind. He doesn't settle in Prax until
some years later but he could be an aspiring Sun Dragon hero
active around this time.

Isgandrang Dragonspeaker might be alive. He's noted for enslaving
the EWF in 889 ST, and could have been responsible for the formation
of the Third Council in 826 ST.


>Pavis - the one (?) and only (??) Faceless Statue animating half elf
>dwarf friend.

>Flintnail - Mostali manicurist.

Also Isidilian the Wise.


>Waha - wounded by Pavis and Varajiia. Probably an incarnated Kahn.

Makes no difference whether he's incarnated or not. He's still
Waha. IMO Varajia is probably trying to make him sign the Great
Compromise so that he can't cause trouble in the future.

[Carmanians & Dara Happans]

Shahs and Emperors would not be there IMO.


>Alakoring Dragonbreaker - Orlanthi Hero. Definitely not present at the
>Paps, but is he alive?

Last time I spoke to Jeff about this, we seemed to agree that his
epic war against the EWF took place in the early tenth century.


>Hachrat Blowhard: Orlanthi Troll friend.

He's not. He's actually a Troll that worshipped Orlanth.


>Kowyimi Impala Hater - 2nd Age Thanatari Hero of Prax, perverted and evil

Where's this from?

You missed Godounya: Drop-out of one of the sagely schools and
exiled belt buckle salesman.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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