Heroes of the 830s

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Date: Tue 14 Sep 1999 - 22:54:15 EEST

Keith writes:

> I am trying to compile a list of prominent persons/beings, from any
> source who *may* have been active and/or influential in 831, in the
> Paps. I have several that I *think* could have been alive. Anyway,
> here is the list:

I shall confine my comments to the three Carmanian Shahs on the list.

There is no reason to suppose any of the early Shahs left Peloria, although
as the Paps is (are?) a highly magical place I suppose there is no reason
why one or more of them should not turn up in heroquesty fashion.

At this time, Carmania is a second-rate power, consolidating itself after
the defeat of the Spolite Empire and the consequent betrayal of the
Pelandans; the concerns of Shah Carmandar and his young sons are largely
internal, the long peace of Carmandar's fat and prosperous reign concealing
tensions which the coming civil war will resolve. I don't really want them
jaunting off to Prax -- it's about as reasonable as requiring Pavis to have
visited Kitor, IMO. (No, Ian, I don't mean that Pavis visited Kitor...).

Incidentally, I have for years looked forwards to analysing Carmanian
reactions to a first encounter with EWF loyalist Zebra Riders, but this is
sadly too early. ("They use black and white, together, for Deception!?! Slay
them and their foul steeds!")

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