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Darval wrote:

> I'm writing a cameo involving a pilgrimage (not a quest as such) to a
> sacred mountain. At the moment Kero Fin or Stormwalk (I assume they're
> different) seem apropriate but I need more precise info on their location
> than that which I have. Also any info on other sacred peaks of Sartar would
> be welcome.

And what's imprecise about the Center of the World (which is where
Kero Fin is, just ask any Heortling)?

Kero Fin is also known as Wintertop, and is found on any number of maps.

Both Kero Fin and Stormwalk are in King of Sartar, which is back in print.

Grizzley Peak is sacred too, because Orlanth showed up there once,
but it's not very tall.

I believe any hilltop can be considered sacred to the Orlanthi (one
reason the Lunars are having such trouble suppressing Orlanth
worship). So you can perform rituals relating to Kero Fin just about
anywhere (although the actual mountain is best).

Rob Marcus wrote:

> Has anyone out there looked into Orlanthi burial customs in any depth at
> all?

IMO there are no Orlanthi burial customs. There are Heortling funeral
customs, Ralian funeral customs, etc.

> IMG I have assumed that Orlanthi are buried "in the sky" a la American
> Indians according to the westerns. I also understand that they may be
> cremated - perhaps a combination of the two on a raised platform? On the
> roof of the air temple?

Platform burial is a practice of the Pure Horse People (aka
Horse-Spawn aka Grazers). See Glorious ReAscent of Yelm and King of
Sartar. One male of Sartar's line is buried this way, but his mom
just happened to be the Feathered Horse Queen.

Heortlings burn their dead. I believe that Ralians bury theirs. I
have no idea what the Fronelan Orlanthi do.

I doubt I've watched as many westerns as you, but I do know that
American Indians have even more customs than Orlanthi, given how many
different, unrelated tribes are involved...

> Also, are their any earth cults that men may join without losing face?

Lodril -- well, he's an enemy god, so you lose fact that way, if
you're a Heortling. Barntar must have *some* sort of earthy

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