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Date: Wed 15 Sep 1999 - 01:17:43 EEST

Rob Marcus:

<< I recall reading something a while back about Ty Kora Tek priestess all
 being mad old women, is this correct?>>

     They're all old women according to GoG, and they're probably all widowed
as well. Being a bit loopy is not compulsory IMO, though its probably quite

<< IMG I have assumed that Orlanthi are buried "in the sky" a la American
 Indians according to the westerns. I also understand that they may be
 cremated - perhaps a combination of the two on a raised platform? On the
 roof of the air temple?>>

     The cult write-up in River of Cradles (based, IIRC, on the one in Cults
of Prax) says they are cremated, with the bodies of especially venerated
people, such as storm voices, being held aloft on specially built racks or a
handy tree. Saronil, the second king of Sartar, is described as being buried,
so such is not unheard of among the Orlanthi - but its probably due to some
earth association (he was raised by priestesses of Kero Fin), since all the
other kings whose bodies were available were cremated.

<< Also, are their any earth cults that men may join without losing face? >>

     RQ claims that they can join the cult of Ernalda, so long as they don't
become priests, and I can't see why this would involve losing face any more
than a Vingan loses face by becoming a warrior. I'm pretty confident this has
now been gregged, though. Likewise, the Grain Goddesses, Asrelia and Maran

Gor all accepted men as initiates and acolytes in RQ, although as male Maran
Gor acolytes have to have their goolies cut off, this quite likely *is*
losing face in some manner. But, chances are, this may have been gregged too.
     Still, there are some cults with earth associations that have no problem
with men as members*. Most of them are non-Orlanthi, but Barntar the plough
god presumably has some earth links, and its possible Minlinster and Gustbran
do too, although the latter is more likely a fire god.

*whereas Babeester Gor doesn't like male members at all

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