Sartarite Mountains

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>I'm writing a cameo involving a pilgrimage (not a quest as such) to a
>sacred mountain. At the moment Kero Fin or Stormwalk (I assume they're
>different) seem apropriate but I need more precise info on their location
>than that which I have.

Kerofin is a 12 km peak smack-dab in the middle of Tarsh Exile
territory and borders the Upland Marsh. It's also known as
Wintertop, a name which may make it easier to find on most maps
(such as p59 of the Genertela Book).

It's tricky getting to Kerofin because the Exiles are real SOBs
that hate both Sartarites and Tarshites. The Dragonewt Road into
the Temple is dead easy _if_ you're a dragonewt. Flying is the
next best option.

Stormwalk Mountain is a spiral mountain in the middle of the Storm
Hills between Heortland and Prax (cf the Genertela Book map on p51).
It's best to enter it from the Heortland side because the people
there are Orlanthi unlike the hostile Praxians on the other side.

A road to it runs from Jansolm westward to its base according to
the RQ2 map yet the Holy Country Map (also printed in Tradetalk #4)
indicates that you might have to travel southwestward to Durengard
before heading up the Bullflood River to Stormwalk. You can also
get there via the Road (described in Tales #18 - although I can't
quite grok the rationale used for getting the PCs to try it - surely
another way out of the clan's predicament would have been to
get the Storm Bullies dead drunk and then safely kick the snot out
of them).

>Also any info on other sacred peaks of Sartar would be welcome.

None of them are as important as those. There's the Quivin Mountains
which includes one Sacred Top on which three Sartarite princes are
burned. There's also Saraskos's Hill near Boldhome which is also
sacred. They are places where you speak to dead kings apparently.

There's also the Six Sisters near the Sazdorf ruins but I don't know
if they have any sacral importance to the Sartarites.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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