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Date: Wed 15 Sep 1999 - 23:33:21 EEST

I referred to a few obscure people in my previous question. Thanks for the
response. I had forgotten a few, and have a clearer idea of

<< >Kowyimi Impala Hater - 2nd Age Thanatari Hero of Prax, perverted and evil
 Where's this from?>>

Kowyimi is refered to in Drastic Prax (p90) under 'Herd Beast Heads'. To
quote:"In the Second age , the Thanatar cult of the Wastes began to grow in
both size and power. Part of their success was due to the discovery by an
ex-impala rider that the cult's CREATE HEAD ritual could be used on the
animals of nomads...."
Kowyimi and his cult were destroyed by Jaldon, presumably c.900. After 831
anyway. I suspect that this is the one and only reference to Kowyimi.

<< You missed Godounya: Drop-out of one of the sagely schools and
 exiled belt buckle salesman. >>

Doh! how could I miss out on the belt buckle salesman of the year. On the
subject of belt buckles, is there a link between Godunya's previous
employment and anyone from the real world that worked in a belt buckle

Keith N


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