Re: Earth Cults

Date: Wed 15 Sep 1999 - 23:33:24 EEST

Rob Marcus asks:
 I recall reading something a while back about Ty Kora Tek priestess all
 being mad old women, is this correct? Beinga widow who lives in a cave can't
 do much for your sanity,I suppose.>>

It might depend on your POV. GoG give them pretty wacky requirements. 90%
Prepare Corpse skill to become an initiate. So definitely morbid, but only
probably mad.
 <<Also, are their any earth cults that men may join without losing face? >>

I didn't realise men lost face for joining an Earth cult. It also depends on
your definition of Earth cult. Does Lodril count, for example? Turos the
Shaker? Pamalt? Waha has done a bit of digging in his time and his mum's an
Earth goddess.
Aldrya? Pavis (who has mastery of stone)? If you think Earth cults are in
some way sissy then you could look up Gorgorma, Maran Gor, Babeester Gor, Ty
Kora Tek, and probably a few others and start getting worried about some of
their gruesome practices. Which reminds me that there are other things at
stake rather than mere face. The eunuch acolytes of Maran Gor spring to mind.

For a male friendly Earth Cult Caladra and Aurelion might offer possibilities.

Keith N


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