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Rob Marcus asks:

>Also, are their any earth cults that men may join without losing face?

Yikes, men who join the Gorgorma cult lose quite a bit *more* than just
their faces!

If you're a Pelorian peasant, you could probably join Lodril without any
embarassment, though they might tease you about the size of your "spear".

In Esrolia, there are the Husband Protector deities, but men are pretty
downtrodden there anyway - and don't get suckered into being picked as next
year's Corn King. The free booze, sex and pretzels for a year might be
fun, but every other bloke is laughing at you behind your back.

Finally, Pamalt is a kinda Earthy cult (spells include "Earthtouch",
"Command Gnome", "Gnome-to-Gargoyle"). But if you suddenly donned a
loincloth and started wandering around downtown Mirin's Cross praising the
"earth-king of Pamaltela", you'd probably cop a few sniggers...


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