Orlanthi Ernaldans.

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Date: Thu 16 Sep 1999 - 20:22:30 EEST

Trotsky on blokes:
> RQ claims that they can join the cult of Ernalda, so long as they don't
> become priests, and I can't see why this would involve losing face any more
> than a Vingan loses face by becoming a warrior. I'm pretty confident this has
> now been gregged, though.

Perhaps mildly Gregged, though I'd argue more in terminology than in 'fact'.
If you 'join' (become a devotee of, in recent Greggist jargon) Orlanth the
Farmer, Barntar, or Nandan (whichever seems the most appropriate), that pretty
much covers most of the ground that 'joining the cult of Ernalda' might
have been thought to denote in RQ2/3.

In a sense, _all_ Orlanthi males are in the 'cult of Ernalda', in pretty
much the same way that all Orlanthi females are in the 'cult of Orlanth'.
Except that one would really normally say 'the religion of Ernalda
and Orlanth' (or, Orlanth and Ernalda).



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