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Hi guys

Thanks for all the helpful comments so far.


> David Dunham: IMO there are no Orlanthi burial customs. There are
Heortling funeral customs, Ralian funeral
> customs, etc.

Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific about my requirements. My
campaign is set in Pavis/Garhound, so the cults & funerals would have to be
local - Garhound Orlanthi sound OK?

> I doubt I've watched as many westerns as you,

I grew up with them. My dad was an avid fan.

> but I do know that American Indians have even more customs than Orlanthi,
given how many
> different, unrelated tribes are involved...

Yes, so do I. But America is a pretty big place. IMO there is less
cultural then regional diversity, though. In areas with less high places,
there may be different customs. But then again, there will probably be less
Orlanthi too.

> Mikael Raaterova : You can find my detailed idea of a Far Point burial
rite in Questlines I.

Sorry, I don't have this.

>>IMG I have assumed that Orlanthi are buried "in the sky" a la American
>>Indians according to the westerns. I also understand that they may be
>>cremated - perhaps a combination of the two on a raised platform

> in other places worshippers of Orlanth are cremated on burial pyres to be
lifted up into the Winds.

> Bob Stancliff : Yelmalions burn on a smokeless fire to return the body to
the gods of Fire/Sky, while the Orlanthi
>commonly burn on a smoky fire to return the body to the Winds [snip]
Apparently Praxians burn too

Sounds good to me - all the local cultures having vaguely similar customs
would reflect the interbreeding, esp. Praxians and SDT.

>TTrotsky: The cult write-up in River of Cradles (based, IIRC, on the one in
Cults of Prax) says they are cremated, with > the bodies of especially
venerated people being held aloft on specially built racks or a handy

This must be where I got the idea from.

I like Philip Hibbs' idea about the raised bodies being devoured by ravens.
Cool image, with much morbidity. Possibly not quite right in Prax, though
it probably depends on what you believe the raven is.

> On the roof of the air temple?

Yes I KNOW they don't have rooves - as such. IMG (and on the Pavis and
Garhound maps) they are a square building with an open courtyard in the
middle. The building surrounding the courtyard has a roof.


Ok, so they don't have to be mad - just an old widow living in a cave, and
REALLY good at preparing dead bodies.... That's enough to discourage
visitors in my book.


Ok, my fault again for being unspecific. Again, same region (Pavis County)
and mainly Orlanthi characters.
I was already aware of Lodril, Barntar & MG. I was thinking more along the
lines of a mobile PC, so that rules out Barntar as I see it. Lodril isn't
really Orlanthi. MG is scary, and has an unsavoury penalty for joining.
Pavis I see as more associated with the city than Earth. Tada, I suppose

could be plausible at a stretch, and I don't know anything about the three
bean circus or Turos.

Veni Vermini Vomui


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