Earth cults.

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 18:52:08 EEST

Bob Stancliff:
> There is a cult for all periods of a woman's life. Young girls and
> virgins join Voria. Adult women join Ernalda, Esrola, or a Grain goddess,
> but Ernaldan priestesses have to be mothers first. Women too old for
> children join Ty Kora Tek or Asrelia (note: some names change by region).
> These represent the tri-partite goddess: maiden, mother, crone... very
> Gaelic.

Always struck me as most like the Greek Triple Goddess.

> There are, of course side cults. Babeester Gor are the 'police' and
> avengers of the Earth cults (they may marry). Maran Gor are the
> destroyers (they never marry, males, including sons, are castrated or
> possibly sacrificed).

Part of another 'triad', rather than side cults.



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