Twin Hills

Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 19:06:11 EEST

Bob Stancliffe cannot fathom:

<< the Twin
> Hills were once a single long ridge called Magicians Hill.
    I cannot begin to fathom the need for this <deleted>...
The original reason I thought there might have been one hill instead of two
was that I made a Pavis Monopoly board where players had to make Tenements
and Palaces instead of Houses and Hotels. Since I was talking Golden Age (ie
King's Villa not Pavis Temple etc I checked out what I thought those areas
would have been called. (The Troll Stonglands were obviously called something
else before the Occupation). The Twin Hills seemed an odd feature so I
renamed it Magicians Hill. I then couldn't fathom a 'realistic' geographical

reason for such an unusual feature (admittedly it may have seemed less
unrealisted if the maps were not just simplified ridgeline) and wondered what

might have caused it. It seemed to me the three most viable alternatives were
that it was the work of Giants, of Dragons, or of Waha. If you think the Twin
Hills is a perfectly reasonable feature then you do not need to have a reason
for it, however I see no genuine reasons not to have such a history. There
are many remarkable things in Pavis and this could have been just one of them
that happened a long time ago.

Keith N


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