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From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Fri 17 Sep 1999 - 19:56:04 EEST

Nils Weinander:
> As mentioned, however, there
> are agricultural gods, like Barntar and
> Lodril. While they might not exactly be
> earth gods, they are definitely gods of
> fertility, which tends to be associated.

I'd say Barntar is an 'earth god', personally. In about the
same sense that Ernalda is connected with 'earth', in fact.
In broader fertility terms, there's also Heler, of course.

About Lodril I don't see even what the question might be.

> Thus I can't imagine a Heortling losing face for worshipping Barntar.

Absolutely not! Well, apart from the fact that the weaponthanes
grumble about the boring, stay at home carls (almost as much as the
carls complain about the trouble-making, beer-swilling weaponthanes).

> Furthermore, while the earth goddesses may
> have (almost) female-only cults, I think
> that both men and women worship the grain
> goddesses in areas where cultivation of
> grain is the most important source of food.

I think Barntar _is_ the usual route for this 'grain goddess' type
worship for men, normally. Frex, in the Elkenval clan ring we have a
'grain seat' which is occuppied by a devotee of either Esrola or
Barntar, depending on 'other factors'. (I shall share the sensitive
of disposition some of the messy realities of Orlanthi politics.)


PS, my memory is twitching nervously, and is telling it might actually
be a 'herd seat' (Uralda/Barntar, since that's more economically
important to us -- to be honest I forget, since the person in question
hasn't come up much in play.)


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