Barntar as a deity for a PC

From: Pam Carlson (
Date: Sat 18 Sep 1999 - 07:08:33 EEST

I gather Rob's question is : What sort of earth deity could the traditonal
mobile "adventurer" PC worship, in the Orlanthi pantheon?

Barntar is it, I think. Most Orlanthi men are farmer/carls, and carls
worship both Orlanth and his son, Barntar. They revere Ernalda, but only
women know her secrets. Men know the secrets of Barntar - ploughing, taming
cattle, and pleasing their wives. Most Orlanthi would worship Barntar -
except possibly Humakti or weaponsthanes. Some might be particualry keen on

 It is certainly imaginable to have an Orlanthi carl worshipper, one who
knows well the secrets of Barntar, who has lost his farm and is forced to
"adventure". Or perhaps he is on a quest of some sort for the Ernaldans
back home.

Sounds like fun!



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