Couple of questions...

From: Grawe, Philipp (
Date: Mon 20 Sep 1999 - 05:02:11 EEST

Just a couple of questions (again)

What is the difference between the skills Ceremony / Enchant / Summon and the Spirit / Sorcery / Divine spells Enchant Item and Summon <species> and Control <species> ?

For example: I have a player with a Lunar character, initiate of Jakaleel the Witch, who wants to be able to summon, bind and control Shades. Jakaleel (in the unofficial write-up I have) has the divine spells to summon shade and control shade. However, anyone can see that the spirit spells are much easier and practical to use. No one is going to sacrifice power when a couple of magic points will do it. Are the spirit spells a Shaman-thing ? Or do elemental cults have access to them ?

 If he has 47% Summon skill, can he just say, "Right-ho then, I'm going to sit down for an hour or so and work on summoning a shade" <rolls dice, gets 38>. An appropriate time later a shade appears without ever having to worry about divine or spirit spells.
Or does he, being an initiate, go to his temple, sacrifice the power, gain the divine spells and have one use of the summon & control spells.
Or does he, being an initiate, go to his temple, pay his priest to summon a spell spirit, beat it in spirit combat and learn the spells summon and control ?

Or is the correct answer D) All or any of the above.

In short, "I don't understand the writeup of summoning, enchanting and controlling spirits in Runequest 3, can someone please explain them to me?".

Thanks for any help, sorry to be asking so many questions...



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