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Date: Mon 20 Sep 1999 - 06:18:55 EEST

Many Earth cults can produce adventurers, at least long enough for the
standard campaign. A Barntari whose clan was too large for its land would
take to adventuring, with a hope of eventually winning
acceptance elsewhere,
or working up to the point where he can lead a Land-Taking.

Likewise a Gori (whether Maran or Babeester) might find it impractical to
join her local temple. The reason for this range from a quarrel (even a
feud) with the High Priestess, to accidental sacrilege (Yes, often this
would be dealt with by appeasing the Spirit of Reprisal; but after that, do
you want such an ill-omened person around the shrine?).

In either case, the Gori would have to prove herself against the enemies of
Earth for any temple to accept such an exile.

A larger but related question: at initiation [whenever that is; I do NOT
mean to open that can of worms], young Theyalans choose between the Way of
Orlanth and the Way of Ernalda, between male-stereotype and
female-stereotype careers. Roughly half of them choose each way; 85% or so

in accordance with their sex, but not all. Most of the exceptions follow a
special talent, like Geo's cooking or Griselda's theft and manslaying. This
choice must be substantially free ("No-one can make me do anything!"); so
the attractions, the day-dreams, must be about equal on either side.

Now the Way of Orlanth offers, as possible prizes, Orlanth's crown,
Issaries' wealth, LM's knowledge, Humakt's renown, Lambril's booty.
(Eurmal's fun??)

The Way of Ernalda offers the honors of Chalana Arroy, the matronly dignity
of Ernalda, the pleasures of Uleria. Is this list equal? If not, what else
is there?

Note: I do believe that the Way of Ernalda has equal dignity and power to
Orlanth; I'm just not sure I see how.

Paul MacLean Anderson
"I'm not making this up, you know!"

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