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Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 01:52:40 EEST

Paul Anderson wonders: why would male Orlanthi have an 'Ernaldan

> Now the Way of Orlanth offers, as possible prizes, Orlanth's crown,
> Issaries' wealth, LM's knowledge, Humakt's renown, Lambril's booty.
> (Eurmal's fun??)

I have to start by quibbling with his list a little; I don't think
Issaries is at all 'gender-aspected' (if you listened to our
weaponthanes, they might tell you that all this 'Conciliator' guff
sounds a tad Girly, but fortunately, no-one listens to our weaponthanes,
as they themselvces will rather aggrievedly admit). Sovereignty is
another tricky one, lying in different senses in either 'camp', whether
or not one has a tradition of female or male chiefs. (Our Elkenval clan
embodies this in a thoroughly confusing way: the tradition here seems
to be 'Have male chiefs; earth mother actually runs place'. Our current
incumbent, Erstar Ironhaft, has a somewhat 'easier' time of it than some
of his predecessor, since Grysten is obliged to spend lots of time
'running' the tribal council too. <g>) Look at how one becomes 'King
and Queen of Dragon Pass' for a neat demonstration of this duality of

Eurmal and Lanbril I'll leave well alone, since whomever I ascribe
stupidity and kleptomania to, they might be mildly peeved as a group...

> The Way of Ernalda offers the honors of Chalana Arroy, the matronly dignity
> of Ernalda, the pleasures of Uleria. Is this list equal? If not, what else
> is there?

The wealth of Asrelia, the solace in vengeance of Babeester Gor,
the comfort of having your feet up in front of Mahome's hearth-fire
while the fyrd is out in the rain on yet another _pointless_ raid
on the Black Oak... The 'having it all' of Vinga? ;-)

The dread 15% is of course just notorious Greggly hand-waving. How
does one draw the line between 'male path' and 'female path', anyway?
If you asked our male 'hard core devotees' of Barntar, or of Heler even
if they were on the 'female initiatory path' they'd probably look
very confused indeed, but if one wants to stereotype, in a sense they
are, as they're primarily exercising a 'fertility' function.

OTOH, are earth-cultists, female-path cultists, of either actual gender
persuasion, great 'adventuring' characters? That would depend very much
on your idea of 'adventuring'. (FWIW, the characters in my game are
50/50 m/f (as are the players), and approximately none are devotees of
a 'stereotypically female' cult...)



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