Orlanthi Earth Cultists

From: Richard, Jeff (Jeff.Richard@metrokc.gov)
Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 02:25:51 EEST

Hi there -

Paul wrote:

>Many Earth cults can produce adventurers, at least long enough for the
>standard campaign. A Barntari whose clan was too large for its land would
>take to adventuring, with a hope of eventually winning acceptance
>or working up to the point where he can lead a Land-Taking.

First thing first - what the hell is a "Barntari"? I believe the correct
term is "carl" or perhaps "cottar" - definitely not "Barntari". Look, for
the Orlanthi, culture is not based upon which god you offer sacrifices to or
have a devotional relationship. Orlanth and Ernalda are the main cultural
deities for all Orlanthi, whether they farm, war, pray or lead. I
understand that in game speak, terms like "Barntari" have some use, but they
can be very misleading.

Second thing - you are absolutely correct - Orlanthi carls who happen to be
more interested in farming than the life of a free-wheeling professional
warrior can certainly be the subject of campaigns. Heck, my entire Varmandi
campaign centered on a group of Orlanthi carls and one very impressive
Ernalda holy woman.

>A larger but related question: at initiation [whenever that is; I do NOT
>mean to open that can of worms], young Theyalans choose between the Way of
>Orlanth and the Way of Ernalda, between male-stereotype and
>female-stereotype careers.

Mmmm.. I don't think they choose between these paths. Young men are
initiated according to the rites of Heort - young women are initiated
according to the rites of Ernalda. There are secret ways in which a young
woman can enter the Heortling initiation rite or enter the men-only sacred
rites to Orlanth but they are rare. Similarly, there are secret ways that a
young man can enter the sacred women-only rites of Ernalda (Nandan the
Birthing Man).

>Now the Way of Orlanth offers, as possible prizes, Orlanth's crown,
>Issaries' wealth, LM's knowledge, Humakt's renown, Lambril's booty.
>(Eurmal's fun??)

Eurmal's dangerous "wrongness".

>The Way of Ernalda offers the honors of Chalana Arroy, the matronly dignity

>of Ernalda, the pleasures of Uleria. Is this list equal? If not, what else
>is there?

Ernalda offers the power of community and ceremony, the raw power of Maran
Gor and the fertillity and wealth of Esrola. Not to mention the dark
secrets of Asrelia/the Earth Witch, the protection of Kero Fin, the wealth
of Uralda, and the solace of Ty Kora Tek.

>Note: I do believe that the Way of Ernalda has equal dignity and power to
>Orlanth; I'm just not sure I see how.

Ernalda is NOT the goddess written up in Gods of Glorantha. She is the
embodiment of Orlanthi community and the source of ceremony. Her sisters
embody all of the wealth and promise of the Earth (Asrelia) and all its
terrible power (Maran Gor). She is certainly the equal of Orlanth.


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