Orlanth and Ernalda compared.

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 05:37:43 EEST

Paul Anderson:

>Many Earth cults can produce adventurers, at least long enough for the
>standard campaign. A Barntari whose clan was too large for its land would
>take to adventuring, with a hope of eventually winning acceptance elsewhere,
>or working up to the point where he can lead a Land-Taking.

The Barntari would do well to learn some fighting or combat magics
before he does so. For him to rely solely on his Barntari magics
makes as much sense as a Grey Sage relying on his cataloguing skills
to help him survive Snakepipe Hollow.

The fact that these fighting or combat magics are mostly storm
orientated means nothing to him. They are Orlanthi magics and
that is what counts.

>Likewise a Gori (whether Maran or Babeester) might find it impractical to
>join her local temple. The reason for this range from a quarrel (even a
>feud) with the High Priestess, to accidental sacrilege (Yes, often this
>would be dealt with by appeasing the Spirit of Reprisal; but after that, do
>you want such an ill-omened person around the shrine?).

Or they may simply adventure in the 90% free time that they have.

>A larger but related question: at initiation [whenever that is; I do NOT
>mean to open that can of worms], young Theyalans choose between the Way of
>Orlanth and the Way of Ernalda, between male-stereotype and
>female-stereotype careers. Roughly half of them choose each way; 85% or so
>in accordance with their sex, but not all. Most of the exceptions follow a
>special talent, like Geo's cooking or Griselda's theft and manslaying. This
>choice must be substantially free ("No-one can make me do anything!"); so
>the attractions, the day-dreams, must be about equal on either side.

One really must have a special reason to buck social trends. People
are brought up to filful their expected social roles rather than weigh
up the pros and cons of what's in it for them. Most Orlanthi don't.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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