From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 11:56:11 EEST

>Now the Way of Orlanth offers, as possible prizes, Orlanth's crown,
>Issaries' wealth, LM's knowledge, Humakt's renown, Lambril's booty.
>(Eurmal's fun??)
>The Way of Ernalda offers the honors of Chalana Arroy, the matronly dignity
>of Ernalda, the pleasures of Uleria. Is this list equal? If not, what else
>is there?

        The way of Ernalda offers the joy of Voria, the wealth and prestige
of Asrelia, the power of Maran Gor, and the harsh comfort of Ty Kora Tek.
        But in a sense Orlanth offers the big dreams, where Ernalda offers
the practical solutions to everyday problems. Humakt, Lanbril, Eurmal, LM,
Issaries all have a hint of irresponsibility - putting the dream (of
honour, booty, fun, knowledge, wealth and experience) above the sober
reality of everyday existence. Ernalda, on the other hand, offers within
her cult serious solutions to lifes problems. The male associated cults are
uncommon because they are unnecessary, all except Barntar are in a sense
departures from the essentials of life, if they are often advantageous -
the female associated cults of Ernalda on the other hand are such that
everyone hopes they will not be necessary.



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