Pavis & Big Rubble almost gone

From: Rick Meints (
Date: Tue 21 Sep 1999 - 15:42:02 EEST

We're almost sold out of all copies of Pavis & Big Rubble!

If you'd still like to order, it's not too late. For those of you
haven't heard, we've reprinted the classic Pavis and Big Rubble
boxed sets released by Chaosium in the early 80's as one
big 316 page book. Nothing deleted, but a few extra things like
more artwork, Black Fang, and the Sun Dragon cult have been
added just to round it out a bit.

Payment Info:

All payments MUST BE in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars.
NO CASH or Credit Cards accepted.
You can pay in GBP (UK Pounds) or USD (US Dollars)
The book is 30 GBP, including shipping. -or-
The book is 52 USD, including shipping.
US funds MUST be in the form of a money order.
Make Money Orders payable to R. Meints.

Please send payment to:

Moon Design Publications
7 De Frene Road
SE26 4AB

Allow 28 days for delivery.

Thank you for your support,

Rick Meints and Colin Phillips - Moon Design Publications
(Some of the Gloranthans who care)


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