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> > The beginning of the end was when the Trolls broke the wall, and the
> >forts were built while the trolls went around crushing the sorcerers or
> >driving them away.

> Praxians broke the wall and were looting and raiding. The trolls
> came much later in response to an appeal for aid.

        The walls were broken twice. I believe that Jaldon made the little break
on the side where New Pavis is. I am pretty certain that the trolls made
the Troll Break. I will have to get my Pavis book out again to check.

> >Babeester Gor are the 'police' and
> >avengers of the Earth cults (they may marry).
> Them marrying doesn't feel right to me. It's almost
> like expecting a Storm Bully to marry - something which
> they are capable of but see no need for.
        It came up in my campaign, and while Bab.Gor is bloodthirsty and violent,
she usually restricts herself to offenders, criminals and other enemy.
Our initiate married a tough Orlanthi and they have made good chaos foes.
She did get miffed when her pregnancy avoidance failed, though.
        Most Bab.Gor will just have dalliances or short term relationships. Note
that my original descriptions were that MGor won't marry, BGor might
marry, and Vingans often marry.

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> > Has anyone out there looked into Orlanthi burial customs in any
> > depth at all?
        In soft dirt, five to six feet is common 8>)...

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> Ok, my fault again for being unspecific. Again, same region (Pavis
> and mainly Orlanthi characters.
> I was already aware of Lodril, Barntar & MG. I was thinking more along
> lines of a mobile PC, so that rules out Barntar as I see it. Lodril
> really Orlanthi. MG is scary, and has an unsavoury penalty for joining.
> Pavis I see as more associated with the city than Earth. Tada, I
> could be plausible at a stretch, and I don't know anything about the
> bean circus or Turos.
        You seem to be looking for a mobile warrior cult, but are afraid to take
Humakt or Orlanth. You could take one of the Hunter cults, but would
don't have cult access to many of the warrior spells. If you really want
earth ties, there is Lodril worship among the Agimori (an 'ancestor'), and
the children of Ernalda and Orlanth are Voriof, Barntar, and Odayla, none
of which are considered warrior cults.
        I have always felt that RQ was written so that an adventurer who belonged
to only one cult would feel restricted and boxed in by cult spells and
expectations. Orlanth was better than most for flexibility, but to get a
real range of options, one person needed multiple cults or multiple cults
had to work together to utilize their strengths.
        Tada probably has earth ties, but is he even worshipped in third age? I
thought he was a dead hero, not a minor god. The Three Bean Circus might
be either a group of Tricksters and Illuminates or a Donandar Puppeteer
Troupe, depending on the reference. If you are referring to the Broo
Healer of the Rockwoods, it is probably Illuminates. If you refer to the
Cleansed One Broo of the River Voices story, it might be either.

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> The original reason I thought there might have been one hill instead of
> was that I made a Pavis Monopoly board where players had to make
> and Palaces instead of Houses and Hotels. Since I was talking Golden Age
> King's Villa not Pavis Temple etc I checked out what I thought those
> would have been called. (The Troll Stonglands were obviously called
> else before the Occupation). The Twin Hills seemed an odd feature so I
> renamed it Magicians Hill. I then couldn't fathom a 'realistic'
> reason for such an unusual feature (admittedly it may have seemed less
> unrealisted if the maps were not just simplified ridgeline) and wondered
> might have caused it. It seemed to me the three most viable alternatives
> that it was the work of Giants, of Dragons, or of Waha. If you think the
> Hills is a perfectly reasonable feature then you do not need to have a
> for it, however I see no genuine reasons not to have such a history.
> are many remarkable things in Pavis and this could have been just one of
> that happened a long time ago.
        Parallels come to mind with the 'seven hills of Rome' and the hills of
Jerusalem (which is an archetype for Pavis). Twin hills have existed in
many genre: the TV show 'Twin Peaks' which is based on a real location,
and the village between two peaks in Piers Anthony's 'Tarot series', made
memorable by the protagonist meeting a girl with a topographically correct
map of the village on her shirt..

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Bob Stancliff


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